About Us

Welcome to ‘ESZENCE’, the handcrafted natural soap shop!

Our Soap:

We believe washing ourselves should be a healthy, enjoyable, soothing and meditating experience. Our skin is our largest organ. It deserves our best caring and blessing instead of any additional hazard.

With this in mind, all of our soaps are made from high quality food grade oils and pure essential oils. We make soaps in traditional cold-process method. All soaps are freshly and lovingly handcrafted by our soap-master who practiced his art with mindfulness. We make soaps in small batches to ensure freshness. Our collections are from nature and are wonderfully moisturizing and beautifully fragranced that ensure your skin gets the best natural care.

We NEVER use any alcohols, foaming agents, chemical fragrances, artificial colors, synthetic preservatives, harsh additives or any harmful chemicals. Not only your skin says thank you for choosing skin care products that support the natural rejuvenation of your largest organ – your skin, you also can feel great by knowing that the soap you use was made free of harmful ingredients. It is biodegradable with minimal impact on the planet, doesn’t contain any artificial detergents or preservatives and represents natural way of live – responsible to society, responsible to the earth we live on.

Who we are:

We are a small team of natural soap craftsman who are passionate about healthy and natural beauty. We strongly believe in honest and simple ingredients. We love using the goodness that nature has provided to make delicious high quality products that good for you and good for the earth.