Cleansing Cedarwood

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Cleansing Cedarwood:

Cedar has a distinguished refreshing smell of wood that transport you straight to a peaceful state of mind. Geranium can help balance the skin’s production of sebum. These properties are what make this soap so perfect in helping us reconnect to our emotions. This soap not just cleaning our body but also cleansing our mind.

Ingredients: Cedarwood, Geranium, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil

Usage:  Wet the soap and rub directly to skin or hair until rich bubbly lather is formed. The soap is good for cleansing hair, face and body. Feeling fresh and easy to rinse.

Storage: For longer soap life keep the bar in a soap dish away from water between uses.

All of our soaps are made of fresh food grade oils and pure essential oils. They are processing with careful craftsmanship and go through a period of natural maturation for over a month. NO artificial colors, chemical fragrances, preservatives, foaming agents or any irritant additives. It brings you back the tenderness of Mother Nature that purifies your body, mind and soul.