Canadian Ginseng Revitalizing Soap (SOLD OUT !)

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Sold Out

"Canadian Revitalizing Ginseng Soap" (Limited Edition)   

Ontario, Canada, is the largest grower of ginseng in the world with over 90% of the ginseng produced exported to Asia. The rich, sandy soil of the Norfolk Plain, the fresh water and excellent climatic conditions create distinct flavors and qualities that are unique to the ginseng grown in the area thus producing premium Ontario ginseng.
Main Ingredients: Ontario ginseng, Lavender, Frankincense, Coconut oil, Olive oil
Usage:  Wet the soap and rub directly to skin or hair until rich bubbly lather is formed. The soap is good for cleansing hair, face and body. Revitalizing and joyful.
Storage: For longer soap life keep the bar in a soap dish away from water between uses.
All of our soaps are made of fresh food grade oils, herbals and pure essential oils. They are processing with careful craftsmanship and go through a period of natural maturation for over a month. NO artificial colors, chemical fragrances, preservatives, foaming agents or any irritant additives. It brings you back the tenderness of Mother Nature that purifies your body, mind and soul.